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Recent Trading Results

Conservative Alpha Portfolio

Mar 2011 = 4.8% gain
Feb 2011 = 2.9% gainJan 2011 = 4.1% gain
Dec 2010 = 4.9% gain
Nov 2010 = 6.2% gain
Oct 2010 = 7.1% gain
Sept 2010 = 11.6% gain
Aug 2010 = 13.2% gain
July 2010 = 6.2% gain
June 2010 = 11.8% gain
May 2010 = 15.2% gain

Moderate Beta Portfolio

Mar 2011 = 4.6% gain
Feb 2011 = 3.9% gain
Jan 2011 = 6.1% gain
Dec 2010 = 5.9% gain
Nov 2010 = 7.1% gain
Oct 2010 = 6.2% gain
Sept 2010 = 23.4% gain
Aug 2010 = 22.3% gain
July 2010 = 17.7% gain
June 2010 = 29.2% gain
May 2010 = 3.2% loss

Aggressive Trades

AAPL +314%
RIMM +97%
VMW +451%
BAC +77%


Winning With Options - Testimonials

See what some of our students are saying !

"Webster's Dictionary defines mentor as a trusted counselor or guide. Ryan is just that to me. Ryan guides me through his trade picks and then helps me to enter these picks through my online broker. I have trusted Ryan to help me with my trading and I have made money for the first time!

When I call Ryan with questions or I am in need of help, he is there and takes the time making sure I understand. When I signed up with Ryan and his newsletter, I feel I have made one of the best decisions of my life. No joke, Ryan is like an investment "Guardian Angel".
- Mike Laubert

" For anyone who is seeking the next level of trading, feeling confident,learning to be patient, and putting on a trade when you know the setup is right with a very high probability of success, you should subscribe.

The weekly training sessions are outstanding but when combined with actual trading opportunities, you will understand the concepts and the vision of a professional trader. Each month there are more trades than I can execute and the cool thing is I have learned to find many other successful trades on my own. This is a great program. "
- David Nye

"Ryan, just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much your teaching has meant
to me and my trading. You patience and explanations, have removed the mystery and fear of options for me. Iron Condors, and your style of trading them, will allow me to
make good money from options each month and not be glued to a monitor.

I have a only a few years left until retirement and you have provided me the perfect post retirement job that will allow me to have a fanstatic income and still enjoy being retired.
Thanks for your honesty, your patience, and showing how to treat this as a business."
-John "Bert" Bertucci

"The Winning With Options Newsletter is the place to make money in the investment world. Ryan, the newsletter writer is your next best friend. I subscribed in my first weekly mentoring session. Ask to sit in one mentoring session and you will not be the same. I was going for months not doing much with my portfolio after doing well with options from March 2003 to April 2004 and then not able to make money consistently. Ryan has done things for me no one else will do. Run to sign up for this newsletter!!!!"
- Joe Nord

"I wanted to thank you for your great service. I've been trading stocks and options for almost 4 years and have tried numerous services and strategies. By far, your service and dedication to helping others far surpasses the rest. I recently subscribed to your newsletter and thoroughly enjoy your insight and assistance. Your online seminars are fabulous. You share your years of experience, knowledge and suggestions. I'm looking forward to many years of learning and trading with your help". - Thanks again, Derek D'Angiolini


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