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Recent Trading Results

Conservative Alpha Portfolio

Mar 2011 = 4.8% gain
Feb 2011 = 2.9% gainJan 2011 = 4.1% gain
Dec 2010 = 4.9% gain
Nov 2010 = 6.2% gain
Oct 2010 = 7.1% gain
Sept 2010 = 11.6% gain
Aug 2010 = 13.2% gain
July 2010 = 6.2% gain
June 2010 = 11.8% gain
May 2010 = 15.2% gain

Moderate Beta Portfolio

Mar 2011 = 4.6% gain
Feb 2011 = 3.9% gain
Jan 2011 = 6.1% gain
Dec 2010 = 5.9% gain
Nov 2010 = 7.1% gain
Oct 2010 = 6.2% gain
Sept 2010 = 23.4% gain
Aug 2010 = 22.3% gain
July 2010 = 17.7% gain
June 2010 = 29.2% gain
May 2010 = 3.2% loss

Aggressive Trades

AAPL +314%
RIMM +97%
VMW +451%
BAC +77%


Winning With Options - How We Trade

Here at Winning With Options we are all about one thing - CONSISTENT PROFITS.

There are many "services" and "courses" that supposedly turn $1 into $50 billion dollars. But do you really believe they work? Do you really believe it is just that easy?

Of course it is NOT that easy - trading is a profession just like any other job. The main difference between traders and other professions is that ANYONE can learn to be a professional and successful trader. Not everyone can be a lawyer, or a doctor, or a pilot.

How we trade is very simple and very profitable. You will learn how to control risk and maximize profits. You will learn how to read the market like a newspaper and react accordingly. Some people try to "anticipate" the market - that can be a very dangerous proposition. Why not just let the market tell you it is going up or down? You will learn to trade the market using high probability, low risk methods.

You will learn how to hedge, how to spot significant trends, how to spot market tops and bottoms, and WHY the market is moving up or down. You will learn, step by step, how the markets really work and how to make consistent profits no matter if the market is up, down, or sideways.

You will learn our methods for generating consistent cash flow each and every month while minimizing risk. You will learn how you can buy fantastic stocks at below market prices. You will learn how to make huge profits when a stock moves up or down. A long story short, you will learn how to trade like a professional and bring in consistent profits.

Signup today to start changing your future tomorrow !


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