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Recent Trading Results

Conservative Alpha Portfolio

Mar 2011 = 4.8% gain
Feb 2011 = 2.9% gainJan 2011 = 4.1% gain
Dec 2010 = 4.9% gain
Nov 2010 = 6.2% gain
Oct 2010 = 7.1% gain
Sept 2010 = 11.6% gain
Aug 2010 = 13.2% gain
July 2010 = 6.2% gain
June 2010 = 11.8% gain
May 2010 = 15.2% gain

Moderate Beta Portfolio

Mar 2011 = 4.6% gain
Feb 2011 = 3.9% gain
Jan 2011 = 6.1% gain
Dec 2010 = 5.9% gain
Nov 2010 = 7.1% gain
Oct 2010 = 6.2% gain
Sept 2010 = 23.4% gain
Aug 2010 = 22.3% gain
July 2010 = 17.7% gain
June 2010 = 29.2% gain
May 2010 = 3.2% loss

Aggressive Trades

AAPL +314%
RIMM +97%
VMW +451%
BAC +77%


"Webster's Dictionary defines mentor as a trusted counselor or guide. Ryan is just that to me. Ryan guides me through his trade picks and then helps me to enter these picks through my online broker. I have trusted Ryan to help me with my trading and I have made money for the first time!
When I call Ryan with questions or I am in need of help, he is there and takes the time making sure I understand. When I signed up with Ryan and his newsletter, I feel I have made one of the best decisions of my life. No joke, Ryan is like an investment "Guardian Angel". - Mike Laubert

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The weekly training sessions are outstanding but when combined with actual trading opportunities, you will understand the concepts and the vision of a professional trader. Each month there are more trades than I can execute and the cool thing is I have learned to find many other successful trades on my own. This is a great program. "
- David Nye

Ryan, just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much your teaching has meant
to me and my trading. You patience and explanations, have removed the mystery and fear of options for me. Iron Condors, and your style of trading them, will allow me to
make good money from options each month and not be glued to a monitor.
I have a only a few years left until retirement and you have provided me the perfect post retirement job that will allow me to have a fanstatic income and still enjoy being retired.
Thanks for your honesty, your patience, and showing how to treat this as a business.
-John "Bert" Bertucci

"The Winning With Options Newsletter is the place to make money in the investment world. Ryan, the newsletter writer is your next best friend. I subscribed in my first weekly mentoring session. Ask to sit in one mentoring session and you will not be the same. I was going for months not doing much with my portfolio after doing well with options from March 2003 to April 2004 and then not able to make money consistently. Ryan has done things for me no one else will do. Run to sign up for this newsletter!!!!"
- Joe Nord

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Imagine having a veteran trader over your shoulder helping you every day, every step of the way, on how to trade and make money in the markets? That is EXACTLY what our mentors will do for you! We want YOU to succeed – and we will help you as much as needed to make sure you can become a profitable trader!

You will also have 24/7 access to one of the largest archives of educational videos and materials anywhere in the world. This is truly the Great Library of Alexandria for Option Traders. Every topic, every strategy, every market dynamic is explained in detail and shown in a way that will help you make profits. And better yet – NEW videos and content are added EVERY WEEK.

That is an incredible value for just $97 per month - that is just $3 per day ! That's less than a cup of coffee!

Here is an example of just a FEW of the videos in the library:
  Volatility Masters Class – Learn to make money FROM Volatility when everyone else fears volatility. When the market gets crazy you will learn how to make even MORE money!
  Cash Flow ATM Class – Learn how to turn the options market into your own personal ATM machine month after month, regardless of the market conditions.
  Smart Target Price Patterns – Learn how to precisely target market reversals. This system is so accurate that, when done properly, the market literally seems to move just because you told it to! This system has made a LOT of money for our students. It predicted the 2008 collapse, 2009 rebound, Greek Debt crisis in the early part of the year and now the small rally in July. All of these trades made our students a LOT of money.
  Hedge Masters Course – When a trade goes wrong, which WILL eventually happen, this Masters Course will show you how to hedge the trade so you can actually STILL profit even though the trade went against you. This is truly one of the most valuable skills any trader can posses – turning profit out of a loss. You will learn step by step how to do this !
  and many more subjects.... that is just SOME of the fantastic educational resources that are available to our subscribers. We have hundreds of hours more in videos and thousands of pages of other material – all meticulously prepared to help you become a consistently profitable trader.

You do not just get the recorded videos when you are a subscriber. You get A LIVE weekly class with NEW information each and every week. These classes enable you to learn how the market is acting right now and how to profit from the current market environment.

Each week you will learn a new skill and refine the skills you already have in order to dominate the market. Your goal of becoming a consistently profitable trader is what these classes are all about. You can ask LIVE questions and our veteran professional traders will answer them – LIVE in class !

On top of all of this, there is a feature that all but guarantees your success as a trader. This feature is what our students literally have said they could not live without.

It is our own professional trade picks ! When you are a subscriber you literally can trade right along side of our professional traders and make money from our trade picks WHILE you are learning how to do it yourself. This is an incredible advantage that courses, books, seminars, etc just cannot provide.

Watch as we trade the markets – we will send you the trade picks with a detailed description of the trade. When to enter the trade, when to exit the trade, and other trade management information. Of course the big advantage is we tell you WHY we are trading at that time. What we are seeing, why we are trading the way we are, etc. You are literally looking over the shoulder of our expert traders! This enables YOU to learn much faster than you would by trying to do it all by yourself. We want to be YOUR PARTNER in your trading education and your trading success.

You also receive LIVE updates 3 times PER DAY from our experts with a detailed report on what Wall Street is doing and why it is doing it. Better yet, you will get trade ideas and trade updates included in these reports. These reports will enable you to constantly be aware of what the market is doing and why it is doing it – even if you are no where near your trading computer ! Imagine being on vacation on a beach in the Caribbean and still knowing EXACTLY what the market is doing without having to do hours of research each day. We do the research, YOU get the profits !

At Winning With Options we are very firm believers in one very simple and ancient principal. That principle is that if we cannot make you money as professional traders we have no business billing you for our services. If our Alpha Portfolio loses money in any month the next month is 100% free of charge. That means you get ALL the expert education, market commentary, trade picks, and live classes FREE if theAlpha Protfolio loses money.

Our pledge to our students is that when you entrust your trading education to us we will deliver you the best education, the best trade picks, and the best service. No exceptions, no excuses. We want YOU to succeed as much (and sometimes more) than you want to succeed – we get a lot of joy out of teaching others what we do every single day - make money in the market.

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"I wanted to thank you for your great service. I've been trading stocks and options for almost 4 years and have tried numerous services and strategies. By far, your service and dedication to helping others far surpasses the rest. I recently subscribed to your newsletter and thoroughly enjoy your insight and assistance. Your online seminars are fabulous. You share your years of experience, knowledge and suggestions. I'm looking forward to many years of learning and trading with your help". - Thanks again, Derek D'Angiolini

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